Cow Slices

Cow Slices
March 9, 2016 No Comments » 2015-2016, Student Work NDiGi

I wanted to introduce staff to what a Fablab is and what some of the machines can do so I decided to provide them with a little laser cut icebreaker activity.

How fast can you assemble a model cow from 2-Dimension to 3-Dimension?

I chose to go with a cow design to help promote the school musical Into the Woods. For the musical we made an artistic rendition of the cow Milky White. Mostly inspired by the horse in Warhorse and from the puppet created by Stiches and Glue.  This was a lot of fun.


So for the mini cow I did a similar process of finding an 3D file of a cow on thingiverse.

Then used 123DMake to slice it up.



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