Gpu Backplate Painting

Gpu Backplate Painting
May 4, 2017 No Comments » 2016-2017, Student Work 18mehlou
 I began experimented with painting methods when i applied spray paint to laser-cut acrylic. The idea being that I would etch out an area and then keep on the protective paper and spray paint so that the etched areas only would be painted. I found that it looks better when the surface is sanded down.
I then experimented with different spray paint colors and etched shapes that would be on my final project to see how they would come out with different spray paints.
Everything worked well so i proceeded to laser-cut out my final project so that i could paint it. I then taped off the areas that i wanted to keep without spray paint so that i could paint them grey in the future and painted it red.
I then removed my previous tape, taped off the red areas, and printed the plate in grey.
After the paint dried, i removed the tape and inspected to see if any paint had seeped into the wrong spots. no paint had seeped and i then removed the protective covering.
I then took a sanding sponge and sanded down the surface until it looked satisfactory.
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