Hot Glue Gun Holder

Fabrication Projects

Hot Glue Gun Holder
January 24, 2019 2016-2017,Fab Fix,Student Work 18mehlou

WWOriginally when i started this project i looked online for already existing solutions to the problem of hot glue guns sitting sideways on tables and burning them. This above is what i found, it holds the hot glue gun alright, but not the larger sized ones. I then set out to make my own, this

American Flag Hawken Stamp
November 14, 2018 2017-2018,Student Work,Uncategorized NDiGi

Katie Hamrle ’19 created a stamp for Hawken’s Alpha Company, a student ran club that supports all active and former military members. They are sending cards to Hawken alumni that are veterans and stamping the front of the cards with this American Flag inspired H stamp. By using the laser cutter, she created two woodblock

Art Patterns Assemblage
November 28, 2017 2017-2018,Student Work NDiGi

Laser cut patterns drawn by hand and then laser cut. Assembled in the art class to form new creations form patterns.  

3D Printed Tripod
May 4, 2017 Uncategorized Student Demo

    Brendan Paul and I wish to build a Tripod model for his camera in order to prototype and bring to life a fully functional project. It may not contain all of the bells and whistles or be as complicated as a commercial grade model, however our goal is to make it work as

Bench Project
May 4, 2017 2016-2017,Student Work Student Demo

This is the final tinker cad of our bench. This is the wooden laser cut of our model. the next and last step is putting it into the woodcutter and arranging the pieces! this is the correct model of my bench with the correct scale.  I have uploaded the file to Corel draw and I’m

Wood Fidget Spinner Project
May 4, 2017 Student Work Student Demo

It’s been over a month since my last update, but I’ve made a lot of progress on making these spinners fully functional. So far, I have two iterations of the spinner with ceramic bearings in the center. I use glue and clamps to put the spinner layers together. One design has two 1/8″ layers, for