Category: 2015-2016

MAME Cabinet
May 4, 2017 2015-2016,2016-2017,Student Work Student Demo

Mr. D asked for me to make my second box fully functional, and so I have been backing up my SD cards and retropie folder. This involves me using multiple flashdrives and I asked if I could borrow a flashdrive to take home to move more games back over. Today I informed Mr. D that

Cow Slices
March 9, 2016 2015-2016,Student Work NDiGi

I wanted to introduce staff to what a Fablab is and what some of the machines can do so I decided to provide them with a little laser cut icebreaker activity. How fast can you assemble a model cow from 2-Dimension to 3-Dimension? I chose to go with a cow design to help promote the