Hot Glue Gun Holder

WWOriginally when i started this project i looked online for already existing solutions to the problem of hot glue guns sitting sideways on tables and burning them.

This above is what i found, it holds the hot glue gun alright, but not the larger sized ones.

I then set out to make my own, this above was my first attempt. it was not very sturdy and had no bottom plate.

I then added a bottom plate in the next version and also rounded the front edges. i added small hooks on the back to hook into the wall, however they broke off because they were too flimsy.

In the next version i strengthened the hooks by gluing more hooks onto the sides. this had the problem of being too short and once the glue guns were placed in it while on the wall they would get glue on the wall.

To solve this problem i extended the whole holder so that it would not touch the wall and added a piece in the back to make sure the wall would be fine.

i changed the way that the bottom plate was attached to make it more structurally sound and then i was satisfied with the product.

you can download the file here. final hot glue gun holder