Speaker Project

Speaker Project
May 4, 2017 9 Comments Uncategorized Student Demo
In today’s class we were able to finish the speaker and add buttons to increase sound and pause and change the song. This is the final iteration of the speaker that we will create for class. We will now create another speaker so that both Matt and I will have our own. It has been a long and interesting process, but one that was very rewarding and taught us both a lot.
Today in class we were able to finish the display speaker for the classroom. The speaker that will stay in the classroom has an open back so everyone can see inside of it and it works well. Our next step will be adding plastic buttons that will be able to skip songs and charge the volume manually from the speaker itself. Attached is a you tube video that Matt and I will use to help guide us along through the process. Mr. D also asked us to attach our inskape file of our most current speaker so it is also in this post as well.

YouTube Video

Today in class was a productive one. We did a lot of soldering and we were able to solder the wires for the on and off switch that we added. We also are creating a case for the 9v batteries that now power the speaker and are excited to put it inside. The speaker will now be completely wireless and should be a close to complete once we add a handle and spray paint it. We also added an extra bolt before the speaker itself so it isn’t resting on the wood and creating unnecessary vibrations. We also added a switch in the last couple of classes.

Today in class I spent class studying how to create a toggle switch for the speaker. As we are transitioning to a Bluetooth version of the speaker we need to create a switch that will turn it off and off. The toggle switch seems to be the doable. Once Matt gets ba

YouTube Video

Today in class we worked on the wireless component and trying to power the speaker off of batteries rather than a plug in. On the right hand side there is also the picture of the new design for our front facing cover. We included slits into the design to both cover the speaker while letting sound travel out of it. Not only should this protect the speaker, but it should also help the sound quality because of each slit that was placed. Each slit’s length was intentional and should improve the quality of sound that is coming out.
Today in class we presented our design and got some very good feedback. We finished our speaker in the previous class and today we were able to share out to the rest of the class. We learned that we should put covers over the speakers to help protect it from outside sources. We will redesign the cover and also try to make other adjustments to improve the sound quality of the speaker. Our next steps will be to try and make the speaker wireless and to also improve the sound from the speaker.
Today in class I found my project for the second semester. On the left the image is of a Bluetooth circuit board meant to connect to a speaker. My job for the semester will be to build the speaker to go along with the circuit board. I am working with Matt to build it as we both have similar interest so it should be fun.
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