Carbon Fiber Guitar Project

This project began at the beginning of last year, when our teacher gave us the task to build something; it didn’t matter what, as long as we learned something from it we could build anything.  I decided to build a guitar because I had never built a musical instrument before, […]

Speaker Project

In today’s class we were able to finish the speaker and add buttons to increase sound and pause and change the song. This is the final iteration of the speaker that we will create for class. We will now create another speaker so that both Matt and I will have […]

MAME Cabinet

Mr. D asked for me to make my second box fully functional, and so I have been backing up my SD cards and retropie folder. This involves me using multiple flashdrives and I asked if I could borrow a flashdrive to take home to move more games back over. Today […]

2017 Clock Project

Today I started to figure out the gear design for my clock. I played around on and developed most of the gear work. The biggest challenge was figuring out the gear ratios and how I can get the proper RPM for each hand ( 1 RPM for the second, […]

Camera Stabilizer | 2017

My next thoughts for my project are that I want to build a button on the right grip holder, so I can press it and the camera will automatically start recording. Currently online checking to see if there are DSLR camera buttons that are capable of doing this with the […]

2017 Earphone holder and case project

1. I would like  to do this project because this is something that I think I could benefit from because it would prevent my headphones from tangling like they usually do. It takes a considerable amount of time to untangle my headphones when I take them out of my bookbag, […]

2017 Infinity Mirror Project

I’ve decided to switch focus back to my original idea of an infinity mirror. Since we got back, I’ve edited my inkscape file for the mirror and today I transferred the file to the shop bot. It has actually been a lot more work than I expected to get to […]

Kitchen Caddy

Brian and I started off making our kitchen caddy by taking the salt, pepper, and napkins from the lunch room to measure them. We got measurements, so we could see how big we needed to make the whole caddy. We decided to split the caddy in half, and then we […]

Fab Lab Basics – In the Classroom

FAB LAB BASICSIN THE CLASSROOMAn introduction to using the machines Prepared by Nick DiGiorgio (Fab Lab Guy Cleveland) Game Plan and Dates May 5 4:30- 7pm Laser Printing May 12 4:30- 7pm Laser Printing May 19 4:30- 7pm 3D Printing May 26 4:30- 7pm 3D Printing June 2 4:30- 7pm […]

Cow Slices

I wanted to introduce staff to what a Fablab is and what some of the machines can do so I decided to provide them with a little laser cut icebreaker activity. How fast can you assemble a model cow from 2-Dimension to 3-Dimension? I chose to go with a cow […]

FABLABS are designed for innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, and individuals allowing people to move from ideas into production using modern digital equipment. Students will use laser cutters, 3-D printers, vinyl cutters, ShopBot CNC routers, desktop milling machines and other digital and analog tools in order to fabricate and test their […]

Prototyping a Fablab

From 1/8/2016 Creating things is Nick DiGiorgio’s passion, so he wasn’t the least bit daunted when he was hired to oversee a Fablab that hadn’t yet been built. Instead, being a problem solver, he created a makeshift Fablab, right in the hallways of Hawken’s Upper School. Appropriately, this maker […]